Warner Priest

/Warner Priest
Business Development Manager - Emerging Technologies
Siemens Australia

Warner Priest is the Business Development Manager for Emerging Technologies in the Energy Management Division within Siemens Australia. He is a member of the Australian CIGRE AP B5 committee and the Australian Protection Symposium committee.


Warner’s field of expertise stem from ~ 24 years’ experience in the Power Transmission & Distribution environment, with a particular focus on making our grids smarter.


He has a global view of Energy applications for Utilities, Oil & Gas, Industry, Metals & Mining, Renewable Energy, MicroGrids, Renewable Hydrogen Production and Large Scale Energy Storage, with extensive experience in the field of power systems ranging from 400V up to and including 400kV.


Warner has delivered a number of papers: –
SEAPAC 2009 – substation-2-substation IEC 61850 GOOSE;
SEAPAC 2011 – The Largest operating IEC 61850 application is Australia and
SEAPAC 2015 – Practical applications for Process Bus using the standard IEC 61850 – 9 – 2LE, what makes sense now, what are the advantages and what are the challenges with this new emerging technology.