Vince leads the development of the Evergen product, and is responsible for the performance of the Intelligent Energy Management. Passionate about unlocking the value of big data, Vince spends his days uncovering insight from customers that can be used to take Evergen’s product and customer experience to the next level.
System architecture, product selection & testing, integration and performance analysis combine to ensure continued product improvement. Vince is responsible for the design and development of the delivered customer experience via technology in the forms of Evergen’s mobile application, internal and external systems and reporting, data analytics, and operational performance monitoring. Vince manages the CSIRO licensing and service agreements, and the Tesla and AlphaESS relationship on Evergen’s behalf.
For the last decade, Vince has immersed himself in the energy industry, across retail, wholesale and generation, in both the East and West coast energy markets. Vince brings with him over 25 years’ experience in IT management positions across a range of industries including utilities, government and financial services, backed up with an masters in computing. Vince has spent his career focused on delivering business value and insight from the vast and varying amounts of data and the development of systems to realise this benefit. Vince is currently working as Head of Technology and Innovation for Evergen.

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