Paul Gulleik Larsen (H.E.)

Norwegian Ambassador

Royal Norwegian Embassy

H.E Paul Gulleik Larsen is a career diplomat in the Norwegian MFA and has held postings in Belgrade (as Chargé d’affaires), New York (as Counsellor in the UN Security Council), and Moscow (as Deputy Head of Mission).
Paul also served as diplomatic advisor in the Office of the Prime Minister of Norway in 1998-1999, and as Chief of Staff and Director at the UN World Food Program (WFP) in Rome.
After returning to MFA in Oslo in 2013, Paul served in the UN Department as Project Director for policy and coordination of Agenda 2030/SDG and as Special Envoy for Security Council Affairs, responsible for strategy and policy for preparing Norway’s membership of the UN Security Council in 2021-22.
Paul has been Ambassador to Australia and 11 Pacific nations since September 2018.