Nathan Coad

/Nathan Coad
Gelion Technologies

Nathan Coad has over 15 years of experience with the development, manufacture and integration of electrochemical energy storage products. This includes; Zinc Bromide flow batteries, Hydrogen fuel cells and various Lithium-Ion battery chemistries. Nathan has an academic background in Mechanical Engineering and Energy Physics.
Nathan started his career as a Fuel Cell Test Engineer for a research institute within Murdoch University (Western Australia). He then spent 10 years with Zinc Bromine Battery (ZBB) Energy Corporation in Australia and America as a Product Development Engineer and Manager. During this role Nathan lead the design and development of a new flow battery then the commercialisation of several new flow battery systems and related power products. Following this Nathan worked with Balance Utility Solutions integrating and installing industrial scale Lithium-Ion energy storage systems.
Nathan is currently Gelion’s Chief Technology Officer and has been working with the team for close to 2 years.

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