Murray Lyster

/Murray Lyster
General Manager – Mining Solutions
Head of Hydrogen Solutions
Siemens Ltd

I’m very fortunate to be involved with two fantastic and exciting portfolio’s at Siemens, being Mining Solutions, and Hydrogen Solutions.

I’ve worked around the mining industry for most of my career and have been involved in helping many tier 1 and tier 2 miners implement innovative technological solutions. I love listening to our customers describe the bottlenecks in their supply chain, or processes and then help them identify solutions that provide long term value. With it no longer being enough to “sweat” existing assets, I’ve become focused on how “digitalisation” and specifically “Industry 4.0” can be applied to the mining sector to provide productivity improvements and comparative advantage to our customers.

Hydrogen is a new and exciting portfolio for Siemens. As we look to decarbonise our energy supply, energy storage is paramount. In my opinion HYDROGEN has a huge role to play. From mobility, to re-electrification to decarbonising gas networks, the role of hydrogen is vast. I’m a passionate advocate of Hydrogen technology and regularly bore my wife and kids with how exciting and interesting Hydrogen is in the future.

If you have an interest in future proofing your mining operations or want to develop renewable energy storage systems – I’m your man!!!


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