Matthew van der Linden

/Matthew van der Linden
Managing Director
Flow Power

Matthew van der Linden is the Director of transformative energy retailer, Flow Power. Matthew’s vision is to transform the way Australian industry interacts with energy and to create better energy retail options.

Matthew has more than 20 years of experience working with Australian businesses to save them money on their energy bills. Ten years ago he saw the benefit that buying wholesale could deliver for customers and in turn established a electricity retailer to bring wholesale change to the market. Then known as Progressive Green and now as Flow Power, the business doubled in size in FY17 and continues to introduce more Australian businesses to a new way of powering their operations.

Matthew is adamant that the source of Australia’s power crisis is the disconnect between users and the signals of generators. Flow Power gives customers the signals from the market and empowers them to respond with the latest in technology and advice.

In 2017, Flow Power launched it’s Renewable Corporate PPA offering, Wind Minus the Turbines. In the same year, the business was successful in ARENA’s demand response competitive round.


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