James Allston

Founder/ Managing Director, New Energy Ventures

James Allston is the founder and managing director of New Energy Ventures (“NEV”). NEV creates new energy projects and ventures for the property sector, large energy users and energy businesses. James founded NEV to breakdown down technical, regulatory and commercial knowledge barriers for businesses well-positioned to take advantage of new energy. NEV has helped establish new businesses in solar, embedded networks, virtual power plants and EV-charging, and have reimagined energy systems for property developments.

Prior to founding NEV, James worked at Siemens in strategic and marketing roles for energy efficiency and industry energy data management, at OVO Energy in the UK as their demand-side strategy lead and Jemena where he led their emerging opportunities taskforce. James was also a founder and vice president of the Energy Efficiency Council.

James lives in Hobart with his young family, and between bouts of house renovating and landscape gardening is an avid mountain biker.

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