Geoffrey Rutledge joined the ACT Government over 15 years ago and is currently the Deputy Director-General, Sustainability and the Built Environment, for the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate, ACT Government.
Within this diverse portfolio, Geoffrey is responsible for delivering the ACT Government’s ambitious renewable energy and greenhouse gas targets, including 100% renewable electricity by 2020.
Building a sustainable city is a key priority for the ACT Government. Canberra has positioned itself as a leader in renewable energy with the second highest concentration of renewable energy jobs in Australia. The ACT is currently home to five tertiary institutions, including the Australian National University, with a strong focus on research in energy technology, economics and policy.
The ACT is an emerging hub for battery storage technology development and delivery with the largest storage program outside of Germany currently being delivered to local homes and businesses through a Government-backed grants program.
In addition to his sustainability portfolio, Geoffrey is also leading a number of capital-works programs in the ACT and oversees the assessment of all development applications for the Territory.
Prior to joining the ACTPS Geoffrey provided research and advice to elected representatives in the NSW Parliament, the Senate and the ACT Legislative Assembly.
Geoffrey holds qualifications in Psychology, Politics, Public Sector Management, a Masters degree in Policy Analysis, and an Executive Masters in Public Administration.

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