Craig M. Knight

Chief Executive Officer, Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies

With a handful of partners, Craig set up Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies in Singapore in 2003, to pursue the commercialisation of PEM Fuel Cell products.

The Horizon Fuel Cell group is now a major manufacturer of both air-cooled and liquidcooled fuel cells, supplying small, low-powered systems right up to systems large enough to power port equipment and heavy trucks. Horizon is one of the few fuel cell companies globally who make their own MEA and bipolar plates, as well as fuel cell stacks and systems.

Horizon is pushing the rapid commercialisation of fuel cell electric mobility in buses, trucks, trains and port equipment through the rollout of their HYZON Motors truck and bus offerings.

Craig has a diverse industrial background, with over 25 years’ experience in International Sales and Marketing and Business Management, having held positions based in Australia, USA, Singapore and China before pursuing entrepreneurial ambitions with Horizon.

Craig is a hydrogen pioneer who strongly believes in the role of hydrogen as an energy carrier to address chronic problems around the world caused by the global addiction to fossil fuels.

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