Bruce Hansen

Branch Manager Gas Networks


Bruce Hansen is a senior leader in the energy utilities industry with experience over 38 years across gas networks, gas transmission pipelines and electricity networks in technical and leadership roles. He has expert knowledge of all aspects of gas distribution and has managed the ACT and Queanbeyan gas distribution network for the last 17 years.
Bruce’s technical background has been in instrumentation, measurement and testing across both electricity and gas sectors, which evolved into quality, safety, environmental and technology management. This broad base of technical management led to construction and project management and Bruce has delivered significant capital projects as both project manager and project director throughout the ACT and Country NSW. He has led a significant workforce delivering gas distribution services to the ACT Region community and also significant commercial change initiatives in Sydney and Illawarra related to delivery of gas distribution services.
In the current environment, the gas distribution industry faces significant challenges. In convincing the community that gas distribution networks can continue to deliver the valuable community service without greenhouse gas emissions, Bruce brings together leadership and gas industry expertise with background knowledge of electricity networks and an ability to frame a convincing narrative about possible future energy options.