Attilio Pigneri

Co-founder & CEO, H2U

Attilio is a co-founder and CEO of H2U, a specialist developer of hydrogen infrastructure initiatives for sustainable mobility and renewable energy storage.
A professional mechanical engineer from Italy, with Masters and PhD-level qualifications in energy engineering and energy-environmental issues, Attilio brings to H2U 20 years of consulting experience, in the provision of strategic, technical advisory and due diligence services for a wide range of hydrogen and fuel cells initiatives in Europe, the US and Japan.
H2U operates a unique business model, combining ESCO-style performance-contracting mechanisms with a portfolio of energy services focused on integration and value adding of renewable energy resources.
H2U is based in Australia and operating throughout the Asia-Pacific.
Attilio serves on the AEMO Expert Panel and the steering committee on the National Hydrogen Roadmap


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