Attilio Pigneri

/Attilio Pigneri
Co-founder & CEO, H2U
President, Australian Association for Hydrogen Energy (AAHE)

Attilio is a co-founder and CEO of H2U, a specialist developer of hydrogen infrastructure initiatives for sustainable mobility and renewable energy storage.
A professional mechanical engineer from Italy, with Masters and PhD-level qualifications in energy engineering and energy-environmental issues, Attilio brings to H2U 20 years of consulting experience, in the provision of strategic, technical advisory and due diligence services for a wide range of hydrogen and fuel cells initiatives in Europe, the US and Japan.
H2U operates a unique business model, combining ESCO-style performance-contracting mechanisms with a portfolio of energy services focused on integration and value adding of renewable energy resources.
H2U is based in Australia and operating throughout the Asia-Pacific.
Attilio is the current President of the Australian Association for Hydrogen Energy (AAHE), and was the Chairman of the successful World Hydrogen Technologies Convention, held in Sydney in October 2015.
Attilio serves on the AEMO Expert Panel and the steering committee on the National Hydrogen Roadmap


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