Anita Oh

/Anita Oh
The Boston Consulting Group

Anita Oh is part of BCG’s Energy Leadership Team in Australia with a focus on energy retail and digital. She has worked with many Australian utilities across generation, distribution and retailing on a variety of topics over the years. Anita’s areas of expertise include:
• Business model innovation including disruptive start-ups inside corporations
• New ways of working including agile and customer journeys
• Digital transformation including data & analytics and personalisation

Several years ago, Anita supported the development of the UK’s smart grid policy for the Department of Energy and Climate Change UK. She has also supported energy retailers understand DER value pools and consider how to grow their presence in this emerging space.

Prior to BCG, Anita worked with Fairfax Media in M&A, strategy and new ventures where she launched a new B2B digital business. Before that, she worked in another consulting firm and also in investment banking.


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