Alva Xing

BDM, GreenDeal

Alva is an enthusiastic advocate of green energy usage. She is particularly interested in delivering top-quality customer service especially focusing on training customers in using the GreenDeal retailer portal and installer app.

Her role with GreenDeal is very important. She processes STC paperwork and qualifies STC assignments for business suppliers, retailers and installers.

With the enthusiasm of developing the GreenDeal app, Alva works closely with the IT team and clients to bridge the gap between customising system function. Since 2019, she has been working as a Junior BDM to liaise with her clients through educating REC policy changes, GreenDeal system functions, STC trade risk management and STC customise services.

Alva considers herself a listener and problem solver, she provides all the STC trade information to help you make a suitable decision. Her goal is to help her customers achieve their full potential.

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