Smart Energy Speed Networking

Date: To be announced

Where: Energy Revolution Area

When: 4:30 – 5:00 pm

Networking events are the best way to grow a business. However, if you don’t meet everyone in the room you could be missing out on that one potential new client that can bring you valuable business. You also sometimes get stuck talking to someone who isn’t a good prospect for your business at all, and you can’t escape! Smart Energy Speed networking gives you 90 seconds with each person before you move on to the next. It means you can filter out those people who are of no interest to your company, compared to those who are of interest. It is without a doubt, the best way to maximise your time efficiently – giving you the most amount of prospects in the shortest time possible.

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What should you bring?

Loads of business cards and your colleagues from your company. It can get very loud so please talk as quietly as you can when the speed networking begins rather than trying to compete with the noise level of the person next to you.

Perfect for:
• Installers
• Wholesalers
• Manufacturers
• Distributors
• Insurance

• Developers
• Investors
• Venture Capital

Speed Networking will lead into Networking Drinks at 5:00pm