Will Electric Vehicles to bypass Australia? Opportunities!

/Will Electric Vehicles to bypass Australia? Opportunities!
  • Day:

    11 April
  • Start Time:

    01:30 PM - 02:45 PM
  • Stream:

    Applied Energy Storage

A very brief Overview of investigations and reports completed on electric Vehicles the latest June 2017. Taking a page out of Elon Musks book – if money is the main motivation it will not work in Australia, the energy politics are toxic to innovation. The solution for an Australian Vehicle industry is to adopt truly disruptive technology and manufacturing solutions that yield shorter payback periods.


For Australia the opportunity is to use a blend of German and European technology genetics with Chinese and Taiwanese ingenuity, with regional assembly and manufacturing .  The practicality is that local assembly can be anywhere where there is good transport and communications infrastructure. The model is unique and characteristically Australian. In turning the EV business model into reality – there will be ripples through the long held beliefs about Australia being able to have its own electric vehicle industry.


I can not reveal too much at this stage however enough to say a new Australian invention is set to turn all previous concepts and science of electric motors upside down. It has been developed privately by very clever electrical engineers.  This Smart Energy conference will be the first public disclosure of a new Vehicle assembly start up.


3 key takeaways from this presentation:

1. Australia is ready and primed.

2. The appetite politically

3. The template solution for a new disruptive industry