Virtual power plants (VPP) & Customer Choice

/Virtual power plants (VPP) & Customer Choice
  • Day:

    03 April
  • Start Time:

    1.45pm - 3.00 pm
  • Stream:

    Applied Energy Storage

Energy storage is improving the value of rooftop solar for families and businesses by allowing them to use more of their on site generation themselves, by providing a resilient supply of electricity when the grid goes down, and by allowing them to schedule the draw of any remaining electricity requirements from the grid to the most economic periods. However, this is just the first chapter in the developing story of our 21st century electricity system and the shift to distributed resources.


We are starting to be able to see what can happen when communities bring their solar+storage systems together:

• Local grid capacity constraints can be expanded, enabling more local solar generation within the community
• Communities can pool their resources to deliver peaking and regulation services to the broader grid, eliminating the need to pay for new fossil fuel and bulk storage facilities.
• Campuses and communities can become resilient islands when disaster strikes, providing safe refuge and emergency services for the surrounding areas


Brent Harris of Eguana Technologies will provide an overview of the advanced grid support capabilities of their energy storage product line, covering two case studies:
• High penetration PV support on the island of Moloka’i in Hawaii: Utility owned, customer sited residential storage that is directly controlled by the utility to increase rooftop solar carrying capacity of the island distribution grid.
• First Net Zero Energy Home community in Fontana California: California has recently mandated that all new residential developments in the state must be net zero energy starting in 2020. This has serious implications for distribution grid planning, operations, and financing. This EPRI and SCE sponsored test project was conducted to evaluate the impact of Net Zero energy homes and how energy storage could be used to make new residential developments into grid assets.


Mr. Harris will also talk about the early progress with VPPs in South Australia under the Home Battery Scheme.