Powering the future with demand response

/Powering the future with demand response
  • Day:

    April 11
  • Start Time:

    01:30 pm - 02:45 PM
  • Stream:

    Smart Energy Solutions

Demand response is finally being recognised as the way forward for a better energy future. It is a simple idea that has the power to revolutionize Australia’s energy market. Instead of funding generators that go unused except at periods of peak demand, consumers are encouraged to reduce their energy use to alleviate demand on the grid and eliminate the need for these underutilised generators. From Texas to Japan, demand response is gaining momentum globally as governments recognise that it is not only a cost-effective means to managing demand at peak times but also a fail-safe contingency to avoid disruptive power outages.


Flow Power has developed smart technology to bring simple demand response to Australia. The kWatch Intelligent Energy Controller is a device that connects businesses to market signals and is now included in ARENA and AEMO’s demand response initiative. At the Smart Energy Conference, Matthew van der Linden, Managing Director of Flow Power, will address the following:


• The story so far of demand response in Australia

• Details on Flow Power’s demand response initiatives including the backstory and creation of the kWatch Intelligent Controller

• The outcomes of demand response for Australia’s renewables sector

• How demand response fits into the Federal Government’s National Energy Guarantee

• Case studies on businesses that are using smart energy strategies like demand response to keep costs down


3 key takeaways from this presentation:


1.  The future of demand response in Australia

2.  How demand response is critical to transitioning to a low carbon economy

3. The importance of demand response capacity to providing low-cost, reliable energy.