Opportunities for Energy Storage

/Opportunities for Energy Storage
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    02 April
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    11.00am - 12.30pm
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    Applied Energy Storage


Some recent news from around the world of energy storage
USA, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Germany, Europe


2. Unlocking the Financial Value of Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage
While many commercial and industrial (C&I) enterprises are drawn to the sustainability and resilience advantages of energy storage, the technology is becoming increasingly valuable for its ability to create financial value by supporting multiple demand-side management strategies. One of the most important benefits of a well-designed and optimized energy storage system (ESS) is the opportunity for “stacking services,” i.e. leveraging the same equipment, system, or process to deliver multiple benefits that maximize the financial impact. Some examples of these services include: • Demand response: Businesses can leverage an ESS to create revenue by participating in demand response programs, while minimizing energy curtailment required at the site level. • Time-of-use charge management: An ESS can enable businesses to avoid daily peak prices by reducing grid demand in line with energy providers’ time-of-use periods. • Demand charge management: With an ESS, businesses can reduce costly demand charges that account for a significant amount of annual energy costs by reducing demand at the right time.


Australia has more than a million solar rooftops and it’s not just the way energy and the environment have become a critical part of national political debate. It’s all of those things and a lot more. Policies, trends and future look forward.