Methods to evaluate batteries for solar PV connection

/Methods to evaluate batteries for solar PV connection
  • Day:

    10 April
  • Start Time:

    1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
  • Stream:

    Applied Energy Storage

In the last decade there has been a massive expansion in the availability of modular power generation and storage technologies such as large format batteries, fuel cells, solar PV, super capacitors and micro-generation systems. These devices have the potential to dramatically reduce cost and emissions from energy generation and distribution. Battery energy storage systems in particular are dominant in this emerging market. One of the fundamental questions consumers and retailers ask about battery systems is “what is the system lifetime and performance?”. One of the key challenges in prediction of energy storage lifetimes and performance lies in how the various storage technologies are evaluated. There are no agreed international standards or processes that energy storage manufacturers or energy storage technology end-users can leverage to forecast long-term storage performance in solar-coupled applications. To further complicate matters, the Australian operating conditions are unique and present alternative challenges compared to overseas markets, for example summertime operating temperatures etc. Thus, there is a clear need for understanding how energy storage technologies should be evaluated to validate whether they can be used to allow greater penetration of energy storage in the unique Australian context. In response to this need, CSIRO have developed an Australian evaluation profile using a methodology that is technology independent and applicable to any size of system. This presentation will discuss the evaluation of commercial battery systems using the developed profile and report on the usefulness of this profile for application in the PV-battery storage market.


3 key takeaways from this presentation:
1. Understanding of unique Australian operating conditions for energy storage systems
2. Evaluation of commercial battery energy storage systems for solar PV connection
3. Discussion of CSIRO method to evaluate battery systems using real life conditions and applicability to the solar PV-battery storage industry.