Intelligent Control Of Grid Connected Microgrids

/Intelligent Control Of Grid Connected Microgrids
  • Day:

    10 April
  • Start Time:

    3:15 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Stream:

    Smart Energy Solutions

Grid connected microgrids are becoming increasingly popular as a means to leverage distributed generation and energy storage systems (ESS) to reduce costs and enhance reliability and power quality at the grid edge. Intelligent control of microgrid assets using a Power Station Controller (PSC) is essential for correct performance, particularly in the presence of variable renewable energy generation and network constraints. Solar PV curtailment, grid setpoint control and generator auto-start control were investigated in a micro-grid PSC to improve electricity services in a private industrial microgrid connected to an unreliable network. Intelligent control algorithms were employed to keep these assets operational while not violating network constraints. Constraints were imposed to ensure grid interaction complied with challenging grid connection standards. This included ramp-rate control, and grid import and export limiting. We present results from the micro-grid operation where it was seen that services were improved, costs decreased and utility requirements met. The ESS enabled effective generation firming, increased peak load and grid outage ride-through.


3 key takeaways from this presentation:
1. Intelligent control is necessary to safely and effectively use microgrid assets.
2. Supply reliability and quality is ensured by utilisation of PCS and ESS devices.
3. System is able to be kept operational using control methodologies while minimising grid disruption.