Integrated Hotwater and PV: Lessons from the field

/Integrated Hotwater and PV: Lessons from the field
  • Day:

    02 April
  • Start Time:

    1.45pm - 3.15pm
  • Stream:

    Professional Development Installer

Water heating is the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions (up to 25%) in the Australian households. When a renewable source is used, the emissions are reduced or eliminated. With the Reclaim Energy CO2 heat pump, the average primary-energy-consumption can be reduced by 75%, zero emissions are feasible when excess energy is harvesting from a households PV array. Utilising our smart heat pump controller and smart monitoring devices (such as Solar Analytics) allows end-users to easily alter and customize their heat pump operational window to match their PV production. In addition to a domestic CO2 heat pump (~ 1 kWe input), Reclaim Energy has a commercial CO2 heat pump (~ 10 kWe input) solution which can have a dedicated input from solar PV arrays.