Happy Power Hour – Dynamic electricity tariffs for medium-sized industrial companies

/Happy Power Hour – Dynamic electricity tariffs for medium-sized industrial companies
  • Day:

    02 April
  • Start Time:

    3.30 pm - 4.45 pm
  • Stream:

    Smart Energy Solutions

In the course of the German “Energiewende”, the significance of flexibility in distribution grids increases. Up to now, the producer side provides the required flexibility, while the consumer side is almost neglected. Due to the simultaneous increase of this trend, the impact and the volatility of the short-term markets like day-ahead auction or continuous-intraday trading at the European power exchange EPEXSpot SE is rising.


Today most industrial customers in Germany use electricity tariffs with static pricing structures and cannot benefit from volatile prices at the rising short-term markets.


As part of the project “Happy Power Hour II”, a research consortium from Wuppertal (Germany) led by the University of Wuppertal, demonstrated how flexibility in the industrial environment can already be exploited today. The stated objective is to activate flexibility options for medium-sized industrial companies by means of dynamic electricity tariffs. In this way, the possibility arises for companies to reduce the energy procurement costs through the reaction to external price signals and the demand-side will be enabled to contribute to the success of energy transition.


The presentation will show the key results of the enclosed project and the opportunities for industrial companies with flexible loads using the dynamic electricity tariffs. The in context of the project developed dynamic electricity tariff focuses on the realization of flexibility-options in medium-sized industrial companies. Therefore the data model, technical infrastructure, trading-strategies and the optimization-algorithm are adapted to the requirements of the medium-sized industrial companies. The objective is to reduce the effort to realize the flexibility-options for this target group.


The main topics of the presentation are the different marketplaces of the power exchange, their price-signals and different trading-strategies for the optimal commercialization of industrial flexibility. Additionally, the technical infrastructure (see figure 1), the developed automatization system (see figure 2) for the fully automated control of the flexibility and field test results will be part of the presentation.


Figure 1: Technical infrastructure of the dynamic priced electricity tariff

Figure 2: Developed automatization system for fully control of flexible industrial processes