Empowering disadvantaged households to access affordable, clean energy

/Empowering disadvantaged households to access affordable, clean energy
  • Day:

    10 April
  • Start Time:

    1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
  • Stream:

    Smart Energy Solutions

The energy transition from centralized grid to decentralized and diversified grid will create opportunities and benefits for consumers. For example the ENA/CSIRO Energy Roadmap report projects that 45% of households will contribute to energy generation by 2050, saving households hundreds of dollars. Yet the transition has the potential to create risks and loses. For the more than 3 million people in Australia living below the poverty line and x million in the private rental or public housing, there is less ability to exercise choice and control. As an essential service, it is critical that the most vulnerable in our society can access affordable clean electricity. There is a critical role for governments in enabling more choice and control. For example by improving capacity to pay through lifting social security payments and addressing landlord split incentive with mandatory energy efficiency standards. But more also needs to be done to develop energy solutions specifically targeted and low-income and disadvantaged households whether in rental on own homes. Building in the needs of vulnerable households into new energy solutions and services will be critical to ensure our future energy system and society is inclusive and more equitable.