Choice and control in the age of distributed energy generation

/Choice and control in the age of distributed energy generation
  • Day:

    03 April
  • Start Time:

    3.30pm - 4.30pm
  • Stream:

    Smart Energy Solutions

With more than 2 million homes and businesses generating their own electricity, rooftop solar now generates accounts for over 20% of our residential and small commercial electricity consumption (55% consumed on-site).


The questions is, who controls this energy – the customer who owns and operates the rooftop solar PV system, or the electricity network operator (DNSP)? Who decides how much electricity can be generated, how much can be exported, at what price, and how can these rooftop generators support the grid.


With over 25,000 solar customers across Australia, many with real time sub minute energy, voltage, frequency etal data, Solar Analytics has unique insights into how our nations solar systems are operating and contributing to our energy needs.


This presentation will discuss:
• Analysis of how much solar is consumed on-site and how much is exported
• Frequency and causes of out
• How often does rooftop PV actually cause grid voltage issues
• How can rooftop solar support the grid
• How do we incentive optimal PV system operations
• What does the future hold for high penetration rooftop solar (>50%)

This work is supported by CRC funding.