Australia’s transition to a hydrogen-powered transport future

/Australia’s transition to a hydrogen-powered transport future
  • Day:

    03 April
  • Start Time:

    9.00am - 10.30am
  • Stream:

    Applied Energy Storage

Accelerating the introduction of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles to Australia was a key driver for the establishment of Hydrogen Mobility Australia (HMA) which was officially launched by its co-founders Hyundai and Toyota in early 2018. The CEO of HMA, Claire Johnson will discuss the current status of the deployment of cars and other transport modes in Australia, and the strategies and initiatives of the association and governments to overcome barriers to entry, the most significant being hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.


HMA’s mission is to support the development of a nationwide hydrogen station network and they are working with all levels of government and industry to realise this objective. Part of this is advocating to governments for the development of a national hydrogen infrastructure strategy. Claire’s presentation will touch on HMA’s requests to governments and their approach to working with all stakeholders to support their vision of a hydrogen society for Australia.