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RESU16H battery valued at $10,000

This is the Global Launch for LG Chem’s new battery, using LG Chem’s Generation 3 technology! Smart Energy Virtual attendees will be first to see it. First units will be shipped to Australia in October 2020.

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Complete Single Phase Residential Energy Storage System valued at $7,000 

Everything you need but the panels! Includes inverter, battery, single phase meter and wi fi dongle.

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New Symo Gen24 Plus Hybrid Inverter valued at $4,300

The NEW Fronius Symo GEN24 8.0 Plus is the all-in-one solution for solar energy supply. Whether it is used in photovoltaics, a storage system, back-up power, heating or emobility, the Fronius GEN24 Plus offers a unique range of solutions and is playing a pioneering role in energy revolution.

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Solar Market Reports valued at $4,250

A list of the capacity installed for every solar retailer that self-registers STCs, for each of the most recent 12 months, value $2750. A detailed analysis of the market share of inverter manufacturers and panel manufacturers, value $1500

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18 X Astronergy 370w Solar Panels, valued at $4000

Introducing the brand new AstroSemi series from Astronergy. They have a compact design with excellent temperature efficiency and low degradation rate. These are exclusive for the Australian market and could be yours.

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Complete Solar System, valued at $4000

1 x 6.6kw solar system including*:
18 x 370watts LONGi panels (AU$2,500 approx.)
1 x 5kW inverter of your choice of up to AU$1,500 

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5kW inverters valued at $3,900 (6 to be won!)

Installation of this inverter was a breeze, so much so that Glen Morris decided to install the inverter ‘blindfolded’ to show how quick and easy it was. Watch the video.

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SAJ 5th generation of the single-phase residential inverter, valued at $1100 

R5-5K-S2 is the 5th generation inverters in the solar industry, with excellent compact size, comprehensive software and hardware technology. They come with aesthetic design and die-casting case and have better heat dissipating performance and higher conversion efficiency.  Innovative MPPT algorithm can enable the inverters interact with the grid friendly with higher quality output power.

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SAJ 5th generation of the three-phase residential inverter, value $1850

The SAJ R5 R5-5K-T2 is specially designed for three-phase home solar systems. The integrated two MPPTs allow two-array inputs from different roof orientations. The R5 series inverter is small, light and easy to install. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor installations, this inverter offers a quiet operation due to its fan-less, natural convection cooling.

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128BG 11 Inch iPad Pro, valued at $1,329. 

Trade your STC’s with Greenbank, surf the net, listen to iTunes and Facetime Mum with this essential device. 

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Energy Essentials for Professionals Short Course valued at $1,305

Australia is in the middle of a major energy transformation – we are leading the world in the per capita installation rate for solar and wind energy. New technologies for energy generation and energy storage continue to revolutionise the electricity sector. This short course has been designed for professionals across government and industry who are interested in the energy transition and who seek a comprehensive overview of the latest trends in energy technology, economics and policy.

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S-5!: Cold Fridge full of prizes! valued at $600

Since you'll be saving hours on your installations using S-5! metal roof attachment solutions, you'll have more time for Friday drinks! Grab this S-5! 54L can-shaped esky complete with handle and wheels, full of VB tinnies and a whole bunch of S-5! merchandise.

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DJI Mavic Mini Drone valued at $599

Impress future customers with amazing aerial videos and photos of your latest solar install, with this handy little machine.

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5B Solar System valued at $20,000

WIN a prefabricated solar system for your site, including inverter solution. Visit their virtual booth to learn more.

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