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Ecospectral’s BRIM system was conceived in the middle of a power blackout in Washington DC, just a short distance from the White House. How, in the 21st century, is it possible to be taken back into the 19th century without warning?

So Ecospectral’s founder and CEO, David Keightley, applied his many years of experience in the research, development and commercialisation of advanced sensing, signal processing and communications technology to find a solution – not just to keep the lighting on, but which would learn and automatically adapt to the way people use their built environment and contribute to addressing climate change. In short David saw the opportunity to shrinkwrap humanity’s energy consumption around the places we inhabit according to how and when we use them.

How cool is that?

So with the help of artificial intelligence researchers at the University of Canberra David created the BRIM system and in so doing adopted architecture that applies artificial intelligence, is based on open standards, distributed the intelligence to the spaces where people are located, delivered data in real time, was independent of the light fittings, thermostats or other hardware and enabled energy demand management on a real time and granular level.

To learn more about our services, visit us at the ACT Renewables Hub Booth.

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